Affordable 60 GHz PTP & PTMP Fixed Wireless and Connectivity Solutions

Get fiber-like speeds using the virtually noise-free 60 GHz band, installed in minutes.

Over 2 Gbps can be achieved and distances of up to 6 kms without trenching, permits, or licenses - all with quick and easy aiming using 3-D beamforming. Also, since most applications have asymmetrical bandwidth requirements, our designs maximize single-direction throughput. Compare the performance of the TNA-300 series to the competition and see for yourself.


Tachyon Networks TNA-300 Series 2.3 Gbps


Brand A 900 Mbps


Brand B 900 Mbps

Single-direction max throughput

3-D beamforming makes installation easy

Tachyon continues to offer 100% beamforming clients (TNA-301 & TNA-302) which require little to no aiming, and are ideal for short to medium distances. For longer distances, the limited beamforming capabilities and directional antenna options of the TNA-303X are the perfect choice.

Install links in minutes, instead of hours.

Our Product Lineup

TNA-301+302 60GHz PTP+PTMP

The TNA-301+TNA-302 family of radios are industry-leading PTP and PTMP mmwave radios that operate in the worldwide unlicensed 60GHz band. With more than 90% of all unlicensed spectrum available in this band, Tachyon Networks is able to provide a perfect solution for ISPs that need to deploy multi-gigabit fixed wireless access as well as for related applications like video surveillance, campus WiFi backhaul, and other applications requiring reliable high-bandwidth. Also, with key features like 2.5Gbps ethernet ports, beamforming which eliminates time-consuming aiming, 32 clients per sector, and an excellent range of up to 1km, the TNA-300 series gets the job done where other solutions fall short.

2.3 Gbps+
32 clients
1 km+
Full band

TNA-303X Modular 60GHz PTP+PTMP

The TNA-303X is the newest addition to Tachyon's 60GHz product line. It supports the full unlicensed 60GHz band and is completely compatible with the existing TNA models. What makes this model different is the innovative modular design: the base unit features 90° of beam-forming coverage and can be paired with an antenna kit (sold separately) to convert the radio from a wide beam-steering device to a highly directional one.

2.3 Gbps+
32 clients
6 km+
Full band

TNS-100 2.5G PoE Switch

The TNS-100 2.5Gbps industrial PoE switch is the perfect compliment to the TNA-300 series of radios, featuring 1x 2.5Gbps multigigabit ports with PoE input and 4x with PoE output along with a 10Gbps SFP+ cage. Additionally, the TNS-100 is also designed for harsh environments, supporting a temperature range of -30ºC to 60ºC, allowing it to be utilized in many industrial use-cases where high bandwidth and reliability are key. The TNS-100 switch also is VLAN aware and supports both VLAN access and trunk ports for enhanced flexibility in demanding applications.

Passive PoE
SFP+ port

Which TNA-300 series model is right for you?

All Tachyon TNA-300 series products support the full 60 GHz band (57-71 GHz), including channels 5 and 6. They are also outfitted with two ethernet ports - one 2.5G port and one 1G port. The 1G port can be configured to be used on any TNA device as an "anyband" failover.

TNA-303X base unit
Default operating mode Access Point Station Station
Beamforming antenna 120° x 50° 40° x 40° 90° x 50°
Antenna polarization Vertical Vertical Vertical or Horizontal
Antenna kit support? No No Yes
EIRP 40 dBm
20 dBm tx power + 20 ant. gain
40 dBm
18 dBm tx power + 22 ant. gain
38 dBm
22 dBm tx power + 16 ant. gain
Default mode
Access Point
BF antenna
120° x 50°
Antenna polarization
Antenna kit support?
40 dBm
20 dBm power + 20 ant. gain
Default mode
BF antenna
40° x 40°
Antenna polarization
Antenna kit support?
40 dBm
18 dBm power + 22 ant. gain
TNA-303X base unit
Default mode
BF antenna
90° x 50°
Antenna polarization
Vertical or Horizontal
Antenna kit support?
38 dBm
22 dBm power + 16 ant. gain

Antenna kit options

Model Beam steering Antenna gain Mounting bracket
100 mm antenna kit
6° x 6° 33 dBi L-style bracket included
300 mm antenna kit
2° x 2° 42 dBi Not included
(TNA-M-P recommended)
45° scanning antenna kit
45° x 10° 30 dBi Not included
(TNA-M-P recommended)
90° scanning antenna kit
90° x 10° 30 dBi Not included
(TNA-M-P recommended)
Rotate your screen or read about our antenna kits on the TNA-303X page of the support site.

Suggested link distances

*The suggested link distances in the table above reflective of channels 5/6, with some margin left for rainfade.

Many other combinations are possible!

Refer to the Link Calculator to determine which models and distances are right for your installation and rain zone.


  • Longer wireless links are possible with Tachyon products by selecting an upper channel in the 60 GHz band, due to the decreased attenuation from oxygen absorption.
  • The larger number of available non-overlapping channel options in the full 60 Ghz band provides additional opportunities for AP co-location at your installation sites.
  • Dynamic TDMA mode provides optimal scheduling mechanisms for different applications.
  • Our new TNA-303X model allows you to extend your links even further when attaching our high-gain antenna kits.
  • 3-D beamforming makes Tachyon TNA-301+302 series devices easy to aim, which means your installations are completed in less time and with less cost.
  • No need to worry about post-installation movements that might require additional time and truck rolls.
  • 3-D beamforming is also ideal for covering taller buildings or reaching clients that are not located on the same plane, as well as dealing with terrain reflections.
  • Tachyon's beamforming antenna provides higher PSD and improved receive sensitivity.
  • The new TNA-303X model also supports beamforming, and even has limited beamforming capabilities with certain antenna kits.
  • Tachyon's RESTful API enables your devices to be monitored and managed from your backend of choice via a custom integration. The API has functions to fetch stats, change configuration, and perform firmware upgrades.
  • A modern and responsive web interface is always available for configuration, and SNMPv2+v3 for monitoring and traps.
  • Management is available over IPv4 networks, and no other complicated external services or servers are required for setup.
  • Use Tachyon's Link Budget Calculator tool to see if the TNA-300 series family is right for your installation.


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